Will it cost more?

We are professionals, and we charge professional rates for our services.  However we deal extensively with bridal venues and service providers and we know who is reliable and conscientious. We pride ourselves on avoiding suppliers who overcharge and under-deliver. As regular wedding organisers, we can generally negotiate special rates on your behalf.

We can arrange quotes on an all-inclusive package tailored to your needs. This ensures that there will be no hidden or forgotten surprises to spoil your honeymoon.

However the real benefits Niche Weddings provides come from your confidence that, on the most important day of your life, you avoid any last-minute disasters and unbudgeted costs. Our organisational abilities are your assurance that this special day will be relaxed and hassle-free. It should be a day enjoyed by all … yourselves, your families, and your friends.

Before the event and on the day we coordinate everything: quotes, deposits, payments, transport, and service providers.  And we talk you through every step along the way to advise on all your major decisions.  This is the only way to ensure this is the day you have always dreamed about.

Can I use my own service providers to save costs?

Of course you can if you want to.  We encourage all your own personal touches. However we generally advise against cost-saving measures unless you are using a trained professional. If you need diplomatically to use a relative or friend who is a service provider [perhaps a photographer], then let us know so we can integrate them into the arrangements and discuss your requirements.

Why would I use your services?

Everyday service providers rely on repeat business.  But weddings are one-off events where the normal constraints of repeat business doesn’t apply.  This is why so many who cater for weddings over-charge and under-deliver.

Niche Weddings is an intermediary between you and the suppliers. So suppliers need to satisfy us regularly on both service and price if they are to have the benefits of our future recommendations.

We only contract the best and most reliable of professionals … those who we know can work unobtrusively yet capture the moments that you desire.  Since they work with us regularly, we know they can both produce and deliver.  These, after all, are the memories of your day you will show your grandchildren.

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