George and Laura

Case study

George and Laura were married at St Matthews Anglican Church on the Corso Manly in February 2011. The day was one of the hottest summer days on record. As the guest sweltered in the church and fanned themselves with stunning paper fans, a romantic ceremony took place without a hitch.

Afterwards the guest cooled down over an ale whilst the Bride and Groom and bridal party were whisked away in their cars to take some beautiful photos in the cool forest trees.

The bridal party arrived to be announced at their reception location of Cavalino’s Restaurant at Terry Hills. The food served was perfection and they were well taken care of by the Manager and staff. After dinner the cake was served and the band struck up a chord, the guest proceeded to dance the night away and keep cool with refreshments.

It was a beautiful day and in spite of the heat the bride and groom look amazing all day long. Another very successful wedding!

Niche Weddings provided the cake and floral designs and worked with Laura to ensure she had everything she desired. The Bride and Groom were thrilled with our contribution to their special day.